The 2016 US Election: An interview with Dr. Akwugo Emejulu

us-2016For regulars of the blog, this is not a post on youth issues. Probably for a one-off i’m going off-piste and using the blog as a platform to share something else, so hope you’ll forgive me!

I’m fortunate at the University of Edinburgh to work in the same department as Dr. Akwugo Emejulu and even more fortunate that she has become a friend during my time here. Over the last few months we’ve been discussing at length the US election – as it played out – and in the subsequent aftermath. Given Dr. Emejulu’s expertise on issues of class, race and gender these discussions have been enlightening and I thought that it may be useful to share some of her analysis, so I asked if she would agree to a short interview on some of the topics we have discussed. Happily, Dr. Emejulu agreed and the result is here. I hope you find it interesting.


Please feel free to post any questions or comments and myself or Akwugo will try to respond. Thanks for watching!

Alan Mackie, 13th December 2016

Categories: PhD Studies, Politics

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